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Indonesia Mountain Guide Associations (IMGA)

Welcome to IMGA

Welcome to IMGAIndonesia Mountain Guide Associations (IMGA) is an Indonesia’s legal organization that accommodating the profession of mountain guide in Indonesia. IMGA is an association which have the nature of individual, professional, non-political, open and independent. The purpose of IMGA establishment is to make Indonesia’s mountain guide as a professional work and have a Standard Competency in both national and international level.

The General Objectives of IMGA are :

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Mountain Guide

About IMGA

Indonesia Mountain Guide Associations (IMGA) is educational non‐profit that is dedicated to supporting the Indonesia mountain guiding community. Our mission is to improve the competency of the Indonesia’s mountain guides and facilitating the certification process

Pemandu Profesional

Professional Guides

As the leading organization of Indonesian most vibrant, inspiring community of climbers and skiers, the IMGA offers you cutting edge knowledge and hundreds of years of collective experience that you won’t get from any other climbing organization.

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Your financial assistance means the IMGA can professionalize the guiding profession. It means our guides can receive world class training and have sustainable careers and the IMGA can continue to educate land managers and outdoor industry leaders.

IMGA Background

The main interest of the mountain guide stakeholders is the fulfillment of services in terms of security, safety and convenience for tourists, and at the same time maintaining the sustainability of the mountain regions of Indonesia.

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Contact Us

Indonesian Mountain Guide Association

Jl. Griya Hijau Raya No. 15, Alam Sutera
Serpong, Tangerang 15144 .

Sekretariat :
JL KH M. Yusuf Raya No. 8
Depok II Timur, Jawa Barat.

Email : mountainguide.indonesia@gmail.com

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